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Purple Lens Flare is back!

I’m back! I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time. I’ve been busy with YouTube things and other stuff, and just haven’t found the time to post. AS you may tell, my blog has had a redesign, as I want to refresh the page. However, I am thinking of moving the page to Tumblr, generally because there is more freedom for me and more attraction. Either way, I’ll notify the page when I’m going to move, and I’ll keep up posts on both websites until I plan to just stop posting on WordPress.

For those of you that are still following me, thank you so much for sticking by the page even though I haven’t posted. I hope this page can go further in the future.

Here’s to good stuff,

Alex Ball (Purple Lens Flare) 

Ocean Compilation

So I’ve been away recently, as you can probably tell. Whilst I was away I managed to get some great photos. The catch is that most of them were photos of/including the sea, so I thought, instead of uploading all the ocean photos separately, why not do a few at once? So please, enjoy these photos below:

nice view docksSAM_3092the spitsand photoglistening poolSAM_3186

Claude Speed

Another  day, another screenshot (taken by me if that wasn’t clear). Today’s is also taken from Grand Theft Auto, this one being GTA 3. For a 10 year old game this looks good, and the only photoshopping I have done is add the blur and removed a few items from the HUD. Like many of you, I have enjoyed this game thoroughly, and it stands as a distinctive game in the Open-World genre. gta 3 screenshot cool