Purple Seaweed

nice beach photo


Claude Speed

Another  day, another screenshot (taken by me if that wasn’t clear). Today’s is also taken from Grand Theft Auto, this one being GTA 3. For a 10 year old game this looks good, and the only photoshopping I have done is add the blur and removed a few items from the HUD. Like many of you, I have enjoyed this game thoroughly, and it stands as a distinctive game in the Open-World genre. gta 3 screenshot cool

Vice City Sunrise

As you may tell, I’m starting a new page here on Purplelensflare. To make sure there is content between each photography post, I have started a new page called ‘Screenshot photography’. Here you will find screenshots from games that look pretty, or interesting. Think of it as ‘virtual photography’. These can be from any game, any style,  and the aims are to provide a different style of photography, and maybe spur some nostalgia in you lot! As you can see here we have Tommy Vercetti riding a moped down Washington Beach in Rockstar games’ 80s-tastic hit, GTA Vice City (2002). This here is from the 10 year anniversary remastered edition.

vice city screenshot